Bio - Mike faast

Welcome my bio page. Over the years I've had the privilege of playing music with some of the Northwest's finest musicians. With their help, I have been able to provide entertainment for hundreds of events with great ensembles in various musical styles. I want to take this opportunity to thank them. Much of the joy of entertaining comes from the musicians you play with; I've been blessed to play with some of the best.  Below my picture is a brief bio, followed by a few pics of ensembles I've played with from over 40 years of music. 
Mike Faast

Mike Faast -Following in the footsteps of other country/jazz singers such as Freddy Powers, Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, and Pasty Cline, Mike Faast is equally at home singing a warm country ballad, a high honkin’ bluegrass tune or crooning a jazz standard. Mike currently serves as bandleader for the Mike Faast Trio, Brother’s Keeper (gospel), the Cascade Mountain Boys (Bluegrass), the Jangles (Western Swing), and the Jangles Quartet (acoustic string band). Mike has been performing concerts on the West Coast for over thirty years, and his bands have performed in hundreds of events in the great Northwest. In 2016 Mike was inducted into the Northwest chapter of the Western Swing Hall of Fame!

The Mike Faast Trio - Andy Carr, Walt Burkett

The Jangles, Toby Hanson, Lance and Laurie Haslund, Roger Ferguson, & Mark Drake

Samish Bay Swing, Andy Carr, Walt Burkett, Mark Drake, Eric Vanderbilt-Mathews

The Archtops, Frank Grace, Mark Drake, Mike Eytcheson, Eric Vanderbilt-Mathews

The Cascade Mountain Boys - Rick Meade, Roger Ferguson, and Terry Enyeart

the Jangles Quartet - Paul Elliot, Roger Ferguson and Mick Nicholson

The Jangles Quaretet, Mike Eytcheson, Mark Drake, Roger Ferguson